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Baldwin Whitehall Soccer Association

General Guidelines for Referees

  • The referee's first concern is the safety of those playing. Referees will immediately stop any unsafe play or actions.
  • The winner of the coin toss or behind the back finger guess has the choice to kick-off or select which goal to defend.
  • For the five minutes before and after the match, and during the match, THE REFEREE is in charge on the field.
  • The coaches are there to assist the referee in controlling the game and their players.
  • Referees will ensure spectators are seated far enough off the field of play. If necessary, they will be asked to move back. Coaches and Board Members will assist referees with anyone misbehaving.
  • Referees will use a stop watch to keep time.
  • Referees will BLOW THE WHISTLE so it can be heard for a foul or a stop in play.
  • All players, coaches, and referees are required to arrive at their fields 15 - 20 minutes before their scheduled starting times to allow for the pre-game preparation. 
  • If needed, referees will explain call(s) to coaches and players. Recreational soccer is instructional as much as it is recreational. 
  • Board members, wearing purple and white shirts are always on hand during the day. Do not hesitate to find one if you need assistance.


Field Status

Open Open

Harrison Middle (03:27 PM | 01/14/24)

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Gym (03:51 PM | 01/14/24)

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U7 - Green Flag (07:46 PM | 03/20/24)

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U8 - Orange Flag (07:46 PM | 03/20/24)