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Baldwin Whitehall Soccer Association

Frequently Asked Questions From Parents

Who can play for BWSA?
BWSA welcomes players from the Baldwin Whitehall School District, Brentwood School District, and all surrounding communities who are eager to play in a positive, supportive, and instructional environment.

When are the seasons?
BWSA teams play in the fall and spring of each year, and registration occurs months before the season starts. The fall season typically runs from the first week of September through the first week of November. The spring season typically runs from the mid April through the first week of June. Each season consists of 8 games. The season length may vary depending on holidays like Easter, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.
Can my child play with a friend?
BWSA tries to honor all player requests for in-house soccer, because playing with a friends is fun, and may help families with car pooling. Recreational soccer is for fun and learning. Since players must try out and be selected for a travel team, BWSA cannot honor requests to play together on a travel team.

What does my child need to play?
Your child must wear shin guards to every practice and game. Cleats are not required, but are recommended. Your child should have sufficient water for each practices and game; remember to send more water in warmer weather. Each child should also bring the right size ball for their age:
Size 3:  5U (2014), 6U (2013), 7U (2012), 8U (2011)
Size 4:10U (2010 & 2009), 11U (2008)
Size 5: 12U (2007) and older = Size 5 Ball

When are the games played?
In-house games are scheduled on Saturdays from 8:00 AM through about 3:00 PM.  
Travel games are scheduled on Sundays from about Noon through 5:00 PM. Classic games typically occur on Saturdays.

When are the practices?
BWSA practices are scheduled Monday through Friday, typically one day a week, at the discretion of the coach. BWSA 5U and 6U teams only practice immediately before their games (starting at the scheduled game time) on Saturdays.

What if my child can't attend practice on the night that the coach picked?
Please let your coach know immediately, we might be able to make other arrangements depending on the team and level of play.

What is a group practice?
Group practices allow all of the players from an age group to practice at the same time with professionally trained coaches running sessions focused on fundamental soccer skills. Depending on attendance, players may or may not practice with their team.


Why do I have to pay a volunteer retainer?
BWSA is an all-volunteer association and relies on your time and effort to make each season a success for the kids. We ask each family to volunteer at least one hour of service each season to help our all-volunteer programs succeed. The $50 retainer you pay at the beginning of the season helps encourage your participation, and allows us pay to for services when we don't have volunteers. If you do NOT want us to cash your check, YOU MUST SUBMIT this form signed by a coach, board member, or other authorized signer within 7 DAYS of completing your volunteer service. Do not expect someone else to submit it for you. Print the form and keep a copy with you at practices and games so anytime you offer, or are asked, to help you have it with you. If we do not receive a signed form within 2 weeks after the completion of the season, we will cash your check. Send the completed form to Carolyn Page at [email protected]

What kinds of things do volunteers do?
You can volunteer in numerous ways including setting up, tearing down, and lining fields, helping at practices, coaching, officiating (upon completion of training), distributing flyers or uniforms, fundraising, serving on the board, and more.  Whenever opportunities arise, BWSA will let you know.  

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