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Frequently Asked Questions About Referees


How do I get scheduled to referee?
Email the Referee Assignor with your availability at [email protected]. Give the assignor the dates and times you are NOT able to referee. For example: weddings, doctor appts., your own in-house games. We understand that other things come up, but scheduled appointments and planned events should be easy to identify. Note: You will not be scheduled unless we know your availability.

When will I get the schedule?
You will receive an email early in the week with your schedule for the coming week. Reply to that email to confirm your schedule as soon as you can.

What if I don’t respond to the emailed schedule?
You have until Wednesday at 3 pm to respond. If we do not hear from you by then we will automatically give your time to another referee.

What if I get sick or my availability changes?
Notify the Referee Assignor by email at [email protected] as soon as possible so that we can get someone to cover your game.

If I have more than one child refereeing can they be assigned at the same time?
Depending on each referee’s availability, we will do what we can to schedule siblings around the same time but there is no guarantee.

I have siblings playing; can I referee my sibling’s game?
No. Refereeing a sibling’s game may happen but it is by chance and we try to avoid it.

Why am I always refereeing a certain age group?
The age groups you referee depend on your age. For example, if you are 12 you are able to referee for U10 and below only. You must be at least 1 to 2 years older than the team you are refereeing.

When do referees get paid?

You will be paid either by Venmo or check, the preference is yours.

How do I get my pay?
You will be asked to select a payment method at the start of the season.  If you wish to be paid by check, you must provide BWSA with a mailing address.

Do I need to sign in before I start refereeing on game day?

If there is a Field Marshall scheduled, you must check in with them. Otherwise, the coach will let us know if you made it to the game or not.  

When should I be at the field?
You must arrive 10 - 15 minutes before the start of the game.

What do I need to bring to referee?
Wear a referee shirt and bring a stopwatch. Whistles and referee shirts are provided from BWSA.  You are responsible for getting your own stopwatch. Your referee shirt must be visible and worn outside of any other clothing.

Where do I find the rules for the age group I am refereeing?
You will be giving a copy of the rules during one of the mandatory training sessions. They can also be found here. 

You are expected to familiarize yourself with the rules before the game.

Other Concerns
What if I have problems with a coach or spectator during a game?

Your safety and well-being are very important. If you feel you need help with a situation you can stop the game and go to the assigned Field Marshall, a Board Member or any other responsible adult.   Any issues with a coach, spectator or player should be reported to the Referee Assignor via email or phone call.

If I have other questions, what is the best way to talk to you?
The best way it to email the Referee Assignor at [email protected]  

Where can I learn more about becoming a certified referee?

Visit the PA West Referee Site or email the BWSA Referee Assignor at [email protected] for more information. 

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