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Baldwin Whitehall Soccer Association

Program Goals

For most age groups, BWSA has developed ten-week programs of progressive session plans designed specifically for players in the age group. Each session plan has distinct activities and games that cater to players of different soccer experiences, from being new in the game to developing towards a competitive level. Most importantly, this program aims to grow the game in the BWSA area by using an enjoyable and game-centered approach to coaching soccer.

The purpose of the BSWA soccer program is for players to:

  • Develop their technical, social, physical and psychological abilities involved in playing soccer.
  •  Develop personally and socially in soccer.
  •  Feel valued and feel part of a team.
  •  Continue to play soccer beyond this age group.
  •  Be introduced to the game.
  •  Enjoy playing in a fun, learning environment.

Our sessions maximize player learning time by grouping players with their teams and giving them a circuit style training session. Each team rotates around to stations and learns about the session’s topic in different environments. This enables the coaches to select players who are struggling on their team and give them specific coaching points (either individually or as a group) to help overcome their issues. After they have developed their understanding of the skills they are learning about, they can be re-introduced back into the activity for an opportunity to showcase their understanding and ability in the game. 


Field Status

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Harrison Middle (03:27 PM | 01/14/24)

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Gym (03:51 PM | 01/14/24)

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U7 - Green Flag (07:46 PM | 03/20/24)

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U8 - Orange Flag (07:46 PM | 03/20/24)